The topic of technology is already important for companies in Norway and will become even more important in the coming years.


Companies are often required to be able to deliver accounting data in SAF-T format (according to Norwegian chart of accounts and VAT codes) - the Norwegian tax authorities have also heralded the introduction of Big Data: it is planned that from the beginning of the year 2024 all incoming and outgoing invoices are to be sent to the authorities.


Among other things, we work with 24sevenoffice, an internet-based, fully integrated system that guarantees that you always have your company's financial data available on the internet. This gives you 24-hour access to all accounting and annual financial statements. Invoices and receipts can be called up on the screen at the click of a mouse.


We are pioneers in the field of automated accounting and always aim to design workflows and routines in such a way that manual work can be reduced to a minimum. Through a sensible division of labor between client and consultant, through sophisticated interfaces between the various IT systems, as well as the effective use of automation software (paperless accounting, travel expense systems, etc.), your everyday work can be simplified and thus improved and the costs for manual work reduced.


We are a completely paperless office, all receipts and other accounting documentation is scanned and stored 100% securely on a central server of one of the largest IT companies in the country.

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