Important information for companies with personnel working in Norway

Short summary


Registration of project and employees

RF1199 needs to be filed!

ID check

Employees need to present themselves at the tax office when they come to Norway the first time. See addresses here: http://www.skatteetaten.no/en/Person/Tax-deduction-card-and-advance-tax/Foreign-employees/Offices-for-ID-validation/

Minimum wages

Make sure the wages paid for work in Norway are in accordance with minimum wage rules. For construction sites, the rules are the following: http://www.arbeidstilsynet.no/fakta.html?tid=90849#Lønn-bygg

Social security

When people enter Norway to work they will usually become member of the mandatory Norwegian National Insurance Scheme from their first day of work. They are obliged to pay National Insurance contributions. However, exceptions may occur due to bilateral agreements between Norway and other states:

Employees from EU/EEA countries or other countries with which Norway has entered into social security agreements, may be able to maintain their membership of their own country's social insurance scheme. In order to be exempted from membership obligation in the Norwegian scheme, you must provide documentation that you have similar coverage elsewhere. For EU/EEA members the form A1 will be accepted as documentation. A1 forms need to be sent for all employees in Norway and for the correct period.

The documentation must be sent to NAV International, unfortunately via regular post.

NAV Internasjonalt
Postboks 8138 Dep. 
0033 Oslo

ID cards (byggekort)

Special ID cards need to be ordered for employees working on construction sites. For more information see: https://www.byggekort.no/default.aspx